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General Rules

Post by The Conductor on Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:32 am

Respect everyone on the site, whether they be staff, a member, or even a guest. treat them how you would like to be treated and we won't have a problem.

No offending images, meaning anything with nudity in it as well. and please do not link us to any of that nasty stuff, otherwise you'll be appropriately punished.

Please be as active as you can. This doesn't necessarily mean logging on every day, but we expect you to post at least twice a week, which isn't very much, right? On this note, there isn't really a set word count on here, but it would be like it if you could post at least ahundred words. it isn't required, just preferred.

You are not allowed to post in the in character boards or the games until you're character has been accepted, which means that you will see the word accepted under your character profile in a reply made by the staff. Please change your display name to your character's first and last name in all caps before posting their profile.

No powerplaying, god-modding, or metagaming. if you don't know what these terms mean, than please google them so that you can inform yourself of them.

There isn't a set post order, but if the thread gets too large than please work out with the people you are rping with whether or not you'd like to have a post order, also please be patient. People have lives outside of the computer and would not appreciate it if their turn was skipped. and yes, the site is set in liquid time.

Do not post anywhere on the board in chatspeak. lol is generally okay along with lmao and rofl, but only in ooc posts. anything else is not accepted, unless you are chatting in the cbox.

I know that some of you may prefer to write up rp posts in first person but, please, don't. Third person only as it is what most people use on rp sites and it creates less confusion... usually.

Here we use something called a face claim and the only one's that are accepted are animanga styled ones. so, if you'd like to use a face claim from a video game like kingdom hearts, then use animanga style and not cgi and no real people claims either. if you can't think of a face claim to use than don't be afraid to ask for help from someone else. i'm sure they'd be willing to help.

These rules are subjected to change at any time so please be sure to check back every once in awhile to see if there were any changes.
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